The beauty of traveling cheaply is that it teaches you to disassociate money and happiness.

When I lived in Bali a year and a half ago, I rented one of the cheapest rooms that I could find.  And I ended up battling an ant colony in my room, killing cockroaches, and having neck problems from sleeping on fake/terrible mattress.

And while these conditions might sound bad (because they were!), I was so incredibly HAPPY! None of these challenges mattered because I was so grateful to not have to work for someone else, to be able to control my time, and to be free from societal pressure.

In SF, I used to pay $2k+/month for a top notch apartment, but that didn’t make me happy, just freedom, it has changed my perspective and made things simpler.

The next time you travel, I challenge you to not book expensive places but rather book the cheapest places that you can find. And just focus your energy on being grateful for having the freedom to spend your time how you want.

If you can disassociate money from happiness, then life will be easier, better and less stressful.