I wrote this while en route from Medellin, Colombia to Budapest, Hungary. If you’ve never been to Medellin, I highly, highly recommend visiting.

The Journey of Two:

I’m stoked to publicly share that in January I added a business partner, Andrew Chan, who is living and traveling with me this year. The day-to-day business operations got a little too hectic at the end of last year, and I realized that I needed to add someone to own the operations side of the business. Andrew was the only person that I’ve ever worked with who fit the role, so he was my first and only call. Luckily he was about to quit his job, wanted to travel the world and I happened to have an extra bedroom in Tahoe.

Andrew fits everything that I look for in a business partner: he has an extreme work ethic that matches my own; is egoless, always puts the team first, and lets the best ideas win; has an underdog mentality; and is deeply aligned with me on the long-term, mission-oriented vision for our company.

The match has been phenomenal so far. Andrew and I share the same values but have very different personality traits. This means that we gravitate towards different types of work but think through problem-solving in similar manners.

Plus, Andrew is the easiest-going person that I know, which makes traveling together stress-free and enjoyable. I feel lucky and blessed to be working with him and am excited about what we’ll build in the future!

We’re passively looking for other business partners who will likely travel with us, so if you’re interested in working on impact-focused businesses while traveling, please reach out.

Travel Update:

So far this year we’ve lived in South Lake Tahoe, USA; Miami, USA; and Medellin, Colombia. Spending time in the U.S. was challenging because my outlook on life and what’s important is now very different than most Americans that I interacted with. My favorite place so far this year has been Medellin. Medellin is an incredibly fun and exciting city with a cost of living that’s a fraction of U.S. cities. And because many people have already asked, I always felt safe during my time there.

This summer we’ll be living in Budapest, Hungary and Belgrade, Serbia. And then in the fall, we’ll live in Bali, Indonesia and Chiang Mai, Thailand. If you’re planning to travel to Europe this summer or Asia this fall, please let me know! Would love to meet up.

Business Update:

At the beginning of this year, I officially announced the parent company to our businesses, Nomad Impact Ventures.The core concept is that we’re focused on building e-commerce businesses while traveling the world and funneling the majority of our profits into an impact fund that will invest in businesses focused on solving issues in education, climate change, and healthcare.

Currently, our public facing businesses are Bill Slasher and FanBump. We recently re-launched the Bill Slasher website, and it was just featured in Forbes. We also have a couple of other businesses that we aren’t ready to announce publicly. Overall things are going very well and the future is promising!

Life Update:

On a personal level, I’m loving being outside of the U.S. again. I’ve learned that I learn and grow at a much faster rate internationally because of the exposure to new cultures, experiences and more diverse sets of people. I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like to because I’ve been working hard on new businesses, but I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and will have much to share soon.

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